Human identity

Brynhildr Freya Sieglind von Hohenzollern

[Aeterumreich: The time of Rising Tide]

Princess of Prussia, sister of Prince Valdemar, Grand Commander of the Knighthood of Black Hawk of the Holy Roman Empire, Commander-in-Chief of the Prussian Guards, Commander-in-Chief of the Potsdam Giants, Marshal, Ostap's Covenant Goddess, one of the Goddess Princess gave birth by Freya.

Goddess identity

Master Valkyrie Brynhildr, the Valkyrie who mastered Victory, and Rune who mastered Victory, has a composite divine personality of the Goddess of Victory and the Goddess of Death, and has the side of acting at will, sometimes appearing a little childish. Self-esteem is very high, and she always has a tough attitude in front of people. Even in the face of Odin [Wotan] and Freya [Frigga], who are her mothers, she always attracts the attention of the surrounding people, but she is very difficult to herself. Her love relationship is very straightforward, and in front of Freya, she is a little princess who likes to act like a spoiled child. In fact, she wants to get close to her younger brothers, but she unable to be straightforward and her overly arrogant personality always turns into a conflict.

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