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Human identity[]

Fitt I von Württemberg-Julius[]

[Aeterumreich: The time of Rising Tide]

The Queen of Württemberg, the Elector of Württemberg, the Duke of Milan, the Elder of the Reichsregiment of the Holy Roman Empire, the chief priest of the College of Pontiffs, and the Reichserzkanzler of Italy.

Fitt Olympus[]

[Infinitum: Legend of Goddesses and Heroes]

The current Rex Sacrorum of Olympus, the leader of the College of Pontiffs.

Goddess identity[]

Her goddess name is Jupiter in Rome, and Zeus in Greece. She has the divine personality of the goddess of the sky and thunder. As the most powerful goddess of Olympus, she overthrew the previous Titans, the goddess Queen Cloros. And with the help of Victoria, the goddess of victory, she subdued the demon ancestor Typhon and the goddess of Earth Gaia, who challenged her rule. It is said that she has obtained the original creation goddess Phanes, and her strength can even jump out of the goddess of fate. The universe and all things in the universe cannot resist her words. Controls the world's largest order, the Olympus Order. The character seems gentle and kind, but when angry, there is a very scary side.